Noise Antonyms: the everyday noise inconsistencies embodied by the inability to live and work peacefully in a safe, sustainable environment, due to noise perceptions, policies, and enforcement; characterised by a host of political, cultural, social, geographical, financial and practical barriers.

Noise Antonyms can lead to Health Inequalities

At Noisedirect we believe in breaking down barriers to #NoiseJustice.

As public health practitioners we are motivated by a desire to reduce and eradicate health inequalities. Our overriding objective is to help create peaceful, sustainable neighbourhoods and communities, and safeguard the planet for future generations.

We believe in speaking up about important, issues; that doesn’t mean daily grandiose proclamations, speaking loudly or often. We believe in sharing ideas, knowledge, and developing holistic partnerships. Above all we believe it is important to observe, listen, and take corrective action.

Noise Antonyms exist because we continue to do things in exactly the same way, without proper thought or consideration for the consequences.

The world of incessant noise is one we have created. We have shaped and fashioned a 24 hour cacophonous society. Airports, motorways, and stations are built on top of our homes. We devise and produce strident, ear splitting machinery and equipment, and insist on using established polluting, and deafening processes, because that’s just the way it has always been done.

We persist in erecting monolithic infrastructure projects, in the name of development and regeneration; which we know will sever the green and blue arteries of the planet, and destroy freshwater, marine, and forest ecosystems; vital insect and animal habitats.

We create legislation to recognise the damaging and psychological health effects of noise, but then laws are either not used or applied in such inconsistent, piecemeal ways, that it simply deepens the divide in inequalities.

Having created this clamour, it is no surprise then, that in case after case, courts rule that poor sound insulation cannot amount to a nuisance; because the cost of improving homes would be far too much for publicly funded landlords to bear. Noise from aircraft, traffic and trains too is exempt, as there is an overriding public interest in these all being able to make as much noise as they need, in order to operate. We do all these things, and more. in the name of rational thought, progress and economic survival.

Yet, we hardly ever pause to think that progress and development does not have to be at the cost of peace and quiet, or wholesale concreting of our green land. We appear to live in fear of any real change. But, there are other options; there is another way.

“Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you in better living conditions.”


We simply cannot continue as we are. We must heed the clarion calls.

Noisedirect believes we need radical thinking, global solutions and local resolutions for a better, safer, planet. The health of individuals is symbiotically linked to the health of the planet. By reducing Noise Antonyms, we believe it is possible to help to create a just and equitable society, and that by #Waging Peace it is also entirely possible to #SaveOurPlanet.