Noisedirect seeks to dispel noise myths, promote #NoiseJustice, and highlight barriers to #NoiseJustice in the form of #NoiseAntonyms: embodied by the inability to live and work peacefully in a safe, sustainable environment, due to noise perceptions, policies, and enforcement; characterised by a host of political, cultural, social, geographical, financial and practical barriers.

This section contains a library of materials in the form of briefing documents, press releases, research pieces and press and media reports recording Noisedirect’s journey of #WagingPeace, since 2003.  

CIEH Annual Noise Survey of local Councils 2015

Noise complaints to Councils during 2013 – 2014 fell by a quarter. Noisedirect examines the results here

Clause 33 of the Deregulation Act 2015

Dispelling Noise Myths: Noisedirect believes that public policy and legislative changes need to be based on robust evidence, and not ambiguous or anecdotal views. Local authorities need to target resources at the actual day to day noise issues that affect people. Read more here


Noisedirect’s examination of the CIEH Annual Noise Survey of local Councils found that only 4.6% of complaints to Councils in 2012-13 resulted in the service of an Abatement Notice. Read more  

The Bottom Rung Issue 2 – Feb 2014

Read a copy of leading noise charity: UK Noise Association’s (UKNA) quarterly journal and special feature on the work of Noisedirect at page 3

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Noise Antonyms Create Health Inequalities

As the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill 2013-14, reached the Committee stage (02 December 2013) Noisedirect raised concerns the Bill would lead to further health inequalities and confuse and weaken existing powers for dealing with statutory noise nuisance.

Noise Injustice

What 6 days of noise actually sounds like!

First there was a saw

Followed by a compressor

Culminating in Bank Holiday Bangs

No Justice on Wednesdays!

The Council’s service only operates for ‘large, noisy parties and not for ongoing noise complaints. The service operates from May to September inclusive from 10pm Saturday night until 4am Sunday morning only’.

Anyone for midweek Salsa: Wednesday, 04 September 2013?

Parliamentary Praise

Noisedirect’s mission of #WagingPeace, recognised and commended in three separate Parliamentary Early Day Motions.

9 May 2012 EDM 5

24 April 2012 EDM 2997

26 April 2011 EDM 1732

Noisedirect Noise Tzar

Noisedirect Appoints Leading Campaigner as Noise Tzar

Innovation Award

In 2005 Noisedirect’s revolutionary Environmental Protection Act 1990: Section 82 Advice Pack received national recognition with an Award for Innovation from the Noise Abatement Society.

Section 82 Advice Pack Launched

In 2004 Noisedirect launched its iconic Section 82 Advice Pack; along with its national Noise Advice Line Service providing low cost, fixed fee advice from Aberdeen to Zennor

Letter to the Home Secretary

Noisedirect writes to the Home Secretary, Theresa May about the effects of Anti-Social Behaviour

Survey on Hazards to Health from Noise

In 2012 Noisedirect and its Noise Tzar conducted a FOI Survey of Councils, about action on psychological hazards from noise under the Housing Act 2004. Shockingly, we found that in 2010 Councils only served 4 notices for psychological hazards from noise.

Going for Gold

Noisedirect marked Noise Action Week 2005 with a call to peace with a radio campaign on Capital Gold and Invicta FM; and a series of pop up noise awareness initiatives with London and South East social housing providers; along with a drop in advice session at Bluewater Shopping centre.