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The maximum penalty for non-compliance with a Court Order or Abatement Notice under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 is £5,000 for domestic premises and £20,000 for industrial, trade or business premises.

All advice provided relates solely to professional matters in accordance with the statutory defined role of Environmental Health Practitioners, for the assessment of conditions that can give rise to nuisance or impact adversely on public health. Any such advice should not be construed as legal representation or advocacy on behalf of any party.





What To Do?

The general advice for noise problems is to approach the person responsible to ask them to stop or modify their behavior. If that doesn't work or if you are unsure about making a direct approach, then you can ask your Council’s environmental health department to investigate and take action. Your Council can serve an Abatement Notice under Section 80 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, requiring the noise to be stopped or reduced. Your Council may also be able to offer mediation and or other informal methods for resolving the problem. Find your local Council and report a noise nuisanceright arrow

However, in many cases the conventional procedures don’t always work. With large cuts faced by Councils, it can often take many weeks before Councils are able to respond effectively to complaints. Some environmental health departments have also adopted local polices in which they no longer investigate all types of noise problems. Sometimes officers can decide that they do not have enough evidence to take any action. 

Alternatively, you may simply decide that that you want to deal with your noise issue quickly and discreetly without involving public authorities. Or, you may want advice on how to avoid future problems, or perhaps you need practical guidance on noise mitigation measures.

Whatever your issue, at Noisedirect our team of advisers; all qualified and experienced Environmental Health Professionals are ready to answer your questions and explain the range of options available to solve your particular noise problem. 

Our low cost, fixed fee advice service, allows anyone with any type of noise question or problem to access straight forward, practical advice by telephoning Noisedirect between 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday, with the option of evening and weekend appointments.

Our advisers won’t tell you just to put up with the noise or coerce you into entering mediation or taking any other steps that you don’t want to.  We tailor our advice to suit your particular circumstances. Whether you want to regain control of your home and life again or want to be able to make informed decisions to avoid any legal action against you, Noisedirect is here to help.

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