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Below the Noise Tzar discusses noise with Lord Taylor of Holbeach, Noise Minister, at a Parliamentary Reception hosted by the UK Noise Association.




Ordinary people can do extraordinary things and can make a real difference. Val was awarded an MBE for her campaigning work highlighting noise issues. Read More about the Noise Tzar

Noisedirect research finds only 5% of Councils served notices in 2010 for psychological hazards from noise. See full results

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Noise Tzar

In February 2011 Val Weedon MBE, campaigner and journalist was appointed to the role of Noisedirect Noise Tzar.

Why pick Val Weedon for the role? Simple, because in the words of Spike Milligan, Val Weedon is, '..someone worth knowing'. Val's story resonates with ordinary people, who are suffering from any kind of noise problem.

Val was awarded an MBE because, as a survivor of neighbour noise she continued to campaign and raise awareness of the issue that blights millions of lives every year, and not because of any career aspirations on her part. After the award of an MBE in 1997, Val could have simply sat back and accepted the accolades she rightly deserved. Instead, Val has continued to contribute to the noise agenda and raise awareness of the affect that noise can have on ordinary peoples lives.

As Noise Tzar, Val promotes the work of Noisedirect at a national and international level and acts as a spokesperson for media and press enquiries. The Noise Tzar also responds to government consultations on noise legislation, meets with policy makers, politicians and government departments to highlight the broad range of neighbourhood noise issues, which Noisedirect callers tell us affect them.

Whilst the Noise Tzar does not provide advice on individual cases, Val does take an interest in cases of noise injustice, which can help to illustrate or promote better access to help and support for noise sufferers. Val is instrumental in raising the issue of Noise Justice and the barriers faced by noise sufferers in getting practical professional advice for noise problems.

Find out more about the work and role of the Noise Tzar


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