Noise Myth:

If noise nuisance happens outside normal office hours then it is impossible to witness.



Absolutely not!

At Noisedirect our team of Environmental Health Practitioners can cary out late night and early morning Noise Nuisance Assessments to gather expert evidence of ASB or noise nuisance.

We provide on call services to Housing Associations and Councils for prosecutions and complex cases and can provide ad hoc similar services for private Clients taking their own action for private or statutory nuisance.

For businesses or anyone who is the subject of an Abatement notice; Noisedirect's subjective Noise Nuisance Assessments can prove an invaluable defense tool and help you ensure, you do not subject your neighbours to unwanted noise.

At Noisedirect we can gather late night and early morning evidence of breach of Planning and Licensing conditions and attend hearings and Court as Expert Witnesses. To discuss whether your noise problem might be suitable for a Noise Nuisance Assessment book a 30 minute, fixed fee Noisedirect Consultation

All advice provided relates solely to professional matters in accordance with the statutory defined role of Environmental Health Practitioners, for the assessment of conditions that can give rise to nuisance or impact adversely on public health. Any such advice should not be construed as legal representation or advocacy on behalf of any party.





Noise Nuisance Assessments

At Noisedirect our team of Environmental Health Practitioners have assessed thousands of cases of statutory noise nuisance and ASB. Almost all of our Environmental Health Practitioners have worked for local Council environmental health departments. In their role as Council officers, Environmental Health Practitioners are rarely required by Councils or the Courts to use Acoustic Monitoring equipment to assess statutory nuisance. The reason for this is very simple. There is no set level at which noise becomes a nuisance. There is no British Standard or International Standard, which noise must definitively meet, for it to be a nuisance or not.

So how do you decide if a noise amounts to a statutory nuisance? Luckily at Noisedirect our experienced Environmental Health Practitioners have the knowledge and experience to subjectively assess if a noise is a nuisance, by objectively considering a number of factors; including the location, duration and frequency along with other criteria to conclude whether a noise is; or is likely to amount to a nuisance.

Prices for Noise Nuisance Assessments are based on commissioning information and can be as little as £450 (plus VAT). Noise Nuisance Assessments prices will vary depending on when the proposed assessment will be undertaken (daytime, night time, weekday, weekend or Bank Holiday) the duration of visit and complexity of report required (witness statement or more complex Expert Report to comply with Civil and Criminal Procedure Rules).

At Noisedirect we can provide fixed fee quotes for Noise Nuisance Assessments to allow you to budget and plan how to use our services.

To obtain a fixed fee quote for Noise Nuisance Assessments for any of the following contact Noisedirect with details of your requirements:

  • Private Nuisance Assessments
  • Civil Action for breach of lease / tenancy - wood and laminate floors
  • Planning Amenity Assessments
  • Licensing- inaudibility criteria and licence conditions compliance
  • ASB - evidence for Court action/ possession proceedings
  • Statutory Nuisance - evidence for breach of Court Order or injunction
  • HHSRS Assessments for psychological hazards from noise

Noisedirect Services

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