Noise Myth:

Since changes in 2003 to licensing laws all licensed premises can stay open for as long as they like.



Not necessarily! Each Council must set out its Licensing Statement and Policy which may restrict the type of premises which can be granted licenses. In addition any, 'interested party' can call for a review of a licence. To find out more about Licensed premises and how to call or defend a review book a Noisedirect consultation

All advice provided relates solely to professional matters in accordance with the statutory defined role of Environmental Health Practitioners, for the assessment of conditions that can give rise to nuisance or impact adversely on public health. Any such advice should not be construed as legal representation or advocacy on behalf of any party.





Licensing Act 2003

A review of an existing licence is an important part of the Licensing Act 2003. If any licensed premises operates in a manner that does not promote the licensing objectives, for example, 'prevention of public nuisance' by noise from live music regularly escaping from premises late at night causing disturbance to local residents; than a review can be initiated.

The four licensing objectives are:

  • the prevention of crime and disorder
  • public safety
  • the prevention of public nuisance
  • the protection of children from harm.

The Licensing Act 2003 defines 'Interested Parties' as:

  • a person living in the vicinity of the premises
  • a body representing persons who live in the vicinity
  • a body representing persons involved in such businesses
  • a member of the relevant licensing authority.

Whether you need advice or expert evidence for a new licence application to show compliance with the four licensing objectives or wish to defend a review, then our experts can help to gather evidence of compliance with licensing objectives.

If you are an individual or group whose quality of life is affected by nuisance from a licensed premises, we can help gather expert evidence, provide witness statements for appeals and hearings and carry out desk top reviews of new applications or reviews of existing licenses. We can carry out acoustic monitoring and gather subjective evidence of public nuisance on behalf of, 'responsible authorities' such as the Police, Fire Authority, local authority Noise and Nuisance Teams, and attend Magistrates Courts for appeals under the Licensing Act 2003.

Noisedirect has a proven record of success in Licensing Appeals to the Magistrates Court.

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