The Environmental Protection Act 1990 places a duty on every local authority to 'cause its area to be inspected from time to time to detect any statutory nuisances which ought to be dealt with under section 80'.



What this means:

The means that Councils should be actively inspecting their areas without waiting for complaints of noise nuisance to be received and preventing nuisances from occurring.


All advice provided relates solely to professional matters in accordance with the statutory defined role of Environmental Health Practitioners, for the assessment of conditions that can give rise to nuisance or impact adversely on public health. Any such advice should not be construed as legal representation or advocacy on behalf of any party.





CIEH Annual Noise Survey 2010/11

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) has been collecting data on local authorities’ noise enforcement activity for over 30 years. The CIEH recognises that the annual survey is 'the only source of comparable data on a topic which generates more service demands to local authorities than any other'.

For most people the first source of help should be the free statutory service provided by their local Council, yet less than 1% of the population actually complain to their local Council about noise nuisance. Noisedirect analysis of data from the CIEH Annual Survey of Noise Enforcement by Councils 2010/11 found that:


  • Out of 348 local authorities only 44% responded to the survey;
  • Only 1 notice was served under the Noise Act 1996,

And that:











Download the original CIEH Annual Noise Survey of enforcement action by Councils 2010/11 here


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