Noise Tzar Blue Mu Award:

The nominations in this category are:

  • London Underground for their constant bombardment of noisy announcements.
  • All hospitals allowing piped music on their wards.
    Bookshops, cardshops and supermarkets that play piped music.
  • Boris Johnson for proposing to build “BoJo International airport” in the Thames Estuary.



Noise Tzar Blue Mu Award goes to:

Winner : London Underground

Noise Tzar Val Weedon MBE says that she chose London Underground because;

"I felt I needed to speak up on behalf of many travellers in London that I know are highly annoyed by the constant bombardment of loud, and often inane, announcements, that are made far too regularly throughout trains and the London Underground system. It is an area that people have no real recourse in law, but if they did, I am positive Noisedirect would be inundated with calls!  It is something that I have in the past debated with both the GLA and London Underground officials.  It is an issue that can be resolved by the good-will of officials who made the decision to impose this noisy policy in the first place.”


All advice provided relates solely to professional matters in accordance with the statutory defined role of Environmental Health Practitioners, for the assessment of conditions that can give rise to nuisance or impact adversely on public health. Any such advice should not be construed as legal representation or advocacy on behalf of any party.





Blue Mu Winners 2012

In March 2012 Noisedirect announced the inauguration of the Blue Mu Award; to be awarded annually to those who our callers tell us have added little or nothing to improve noise nuisance or the aural environment in the preceding year.

Noisedirect’s Blue Mu Awards are to Noise what the Razzies are to the Oscars.

The Blue Mu particularly seeks to recognise the achievements of public sector organizations for innovation in failing to act in accordance with statutory duties.  A special Noise Tzar Blue Mu Award is bestowed on those providing the least positive contribution to the aural environment.

Announcement of the winners is made annually in an austerity approximate ceremony on Facebook, Twitter and Noisedirect's website, on International Noise Awareness Day; a worldwide event coordinated by the Centre for Hearing and Communication, based in New York.

The 2012 Blue Mu Nominations categories are:

  • Blue Mu Elusiveness in Public Service Award
  • Blue Mu Indifference in Public Service Award
  • Blue Mu Best Public Service Noise Myth
  • Blue Mu New Kid on the Block Old Rhetoric Award
  • Blue Mu Noise Tzar Award

The Shortlist for 2012 BLUE MU NOMINATIONS followed by the WINNERS is:

Blue Mu Elusiveness in Public Service Award

  • Hyde Housing – for the worst behavior from a Housing Association in dealing with a vulnerable noise sufferer.
  • Croydon Council – for their failure to carry out statutory inspections for psychological hazards from noise.
  • Hounslow Council – for lost or missing Noise Policies.

And the Joint WINNER(S) are: Hyde Housing and Croydon Council

Blue Mu Indifference in Public Service Award

  • Salford Council for their decision to ignore noise nuisance complaints.
    BA/Heathrow Airport.
  • Dudley MBC for allowing over 27 households to suffer noise nuisance for 5 years from a foundry.
  • Aldwych Housing Group for failing to take action against a noisy tenant even after the service of 3 abatement notices.
  • Coalition Government for savage public sector cuts leading to loss of noise services to Councils.
  • Hambleton Council for allowing residents to suffer noise from Bagby Airfield.

And the WINNER is:  Salford Council

Blue Mu Best Public Service Noise Myth

  • Durham/Teeside County Council for declaring a “borderline nuisance.”
  • DEFRA for allowing over 27 households to be subjected to noise nuisance for an appeal case the local Government Ombudsman found did not exist.

                                    And the Winner is: DEFRA

Blue Mu New Kid on the Block Old Rhetoric Award

  • Teresa May – Lack of initiative for ASBO’s using mediation and community trigger.
  • ETSU apologists for Windfarm Noise.
  • Siobhan Benita Independent London Mayoral candidate for endorsing a third runway at Heathrow Airport.
  • National Planning Policy Framework for abolishing PPG24.

                                    And the Winner is:  Siobhan Benita

Noise Tzar Val Weedon MBE says:

“It is with great pleasure that I announce the winners of the first Noisedirect Blue Mu Awards.  We were spoilt for choice with our nominations in all categories, but ultimately it was those we recognised as being the most outstanding in their lack of effort to reduce noise and provide a more pleasant and peaceful environment.

For press or media enquiries or to find out more about the work of Noisedirect or this year's Blue Mu Winners contact the Noise Tzar by email

Download a copy of the press release

Sir Bob Russell records appreciation of Noisedirect in early day motion on 17th International Noise Awareness Day and congratulates Noisedirect for Blue Mu Award


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