Noise Myth:

The longer the Acoustic Monitoring, the better the evidence of noise, nuisance and disturbance.



Not necessarily so! Generally Noise Meters simply record all the noise, no matter who is making it.

Noise meters and Environmental Analyzers, no matter how sophisticated are machines and like all machines do only what you tell them to do. Installing an unattended Noise Meter in a residential property is unlikely to demonstrate effective evidence of ASB or nuisance.

However for Planning and Licensing applications longer lengths of unattended Acoustic Monitoring can help to establish background and average actual noise levels in homes and businesses. To discuss whether your noise problem might be suitable for Acoustic Monitoring book a 30 minute, fixed fee Noisedirect Consultation

All advice provided relates solely to professional matters in accordance with the statutory defined role of Environmental Health Practitioners, for the assessment of conditions that can give rise to nuisance or impact adversely on public health. Any such advice should not be construed as legal representation or advocacy on behalf of any party.





Acoustic Monitoring

Acoustic Monitoring is not necessary for all noise problems, but if you do need irrefutable evidence for legal cases, planning or licence applications or need to demonstrate compliance with a Court Order; at Noisedirect we can tailor a program of Acoustic Monitoring to meet your requirements.

At Noisedirect we use technologically advanced Environmental Analyzers; Symphonie and DUO Smart Noise Monitors for all our acoustic monitoring, with sophisticated dBTrig and dBTrait software for acoustic analysis.

The DUO Smart Noise Monitor is the ultimate sound level meter; waterprooof with integrated GPS, Wi-Fi/3G connectivity so that it can be operated remotely, allowing our skilled professionals to gather accurate data in classical sound level meter mode or as a permanent noise measurement station.

Prices for Acoustic Monitoring are based on the type of Assessment commissioned; when the proposed monitoring will be undertaken (daytime, night time, weekday, weekend or Bank Holiday) the duration of monitoring and complexity of analysis required (simple analysis or more complex Expert Report to comply with Civil and Criminal Procedure Rules).

At Noisedirect we provide fixed fee Acoustic Monitoring to allow you to budget and plan how to use our services.

To obtain a fixed fee quote for Acoustic Monitoring for any of the following contact Noisedirect with details of your requirements:

  • BS4142 Assessments 
  • BS 8233:1999 Assessments
  • Nuisance Assessments- 'beyond reasonable doubt'
  • Planning Amenity Assessments (10 dB below background)
  • Licensing- inaudibility criteria and licence conditions compliance
  • ASB - objective evidence for Court action
  • Nuisance - objective evidence for breach of Court Order or injunction
  • HHSRS Assessments for psychological hazards from noise
  • Home Buyers/Sellers Acoustic Assessments

Noisedirect Services

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