Do private rented properties cause noise nuisance and ASB? #DispellingNoiseMyths Clause 33 of the Deregulation Act 2015  

Noise complaints to Councils during 2013 - 2014 fell by a quarter. Noisedirect examines the results of the latest CIEH Annual Noise Survey of local Councils

Windfall Films New Series on Dispute Resolution for Nuisance Neighbours. Channels 4 are making a pilot for a new series on dispute resolution in association with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. They are looking for people who are currently in dispute with a neighbour, who may benefit from having their case looked at by a professional mediator and Arbitrator (effectively a private court). If you would be interested in taking part and have kept a diary of noise disturbance please get in touch with Windfall Films to find out more by e-mailing or calling Claire on 0207 251 7665. 

LGO orders Cornwall Council to review its planning process following a complaint of noise and nuisance from equestrian site. Read More

On the 19th International Noise Awareness Day - #INAD; Noisedirect examines the results of the latest CIEH Annual Noise Survey of local Councils

On the 19th International Noise Awareness Day - #INAD;@Noisedirect is #WagingPeace

Read the latest edition of quarterly Journal; The Bottom Rung by leading charity UK Noise Association @cutnoise with special feature on @Noisedirect

As the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill 2013-14, reaches the Committee stage today: Read Jane's Story

Cornwall Country Council seize noisy equipment. Read more

Local Govt Ombudsman orders Birmingham City Council to apologise and pay £1,500 for distress to owner occupier who, endured years of loud music, late night parties and aggressive and threatening behaviour from her neighbour. Read Report

Great new Quarterly Noise Journal; The Bottom Rung launched by UKNA

Local Govt Ombudsman orders Barrow Borough Council to pay £4,500 and Cumbria County Council to pay £3,000 to homeowner forced to endure nuisance from smell, noise and dust caused by cutting and burning of waste on land behind his home by a business; Read more  

Mid-week power tool use at 20.00 hours. Is it reasonable; or is it a nuisance preventing children as young as 3 and 5 from sleep?

Listen here

Mid-week noisy salsa music from London pub audible 50m away keeps hardworking residents awake

Listen here  

South East Council will only investigate noise from Bank Holiday builders and scaffold if 5 households complain, warning that none emergency calls to them may incur a charge. Noise Justice?

Watch here

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Is compressor noise from cliff top, Cornish Hotel just and equitable for those living nearby?

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7 days a week from 8am and 10pm on a Friday; where's the Noise Justice in this?

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Watch here

Noise Justice is a key part of social justice; a belief that everyone deserves to live peacefully and quietly in a safe secure home. Where's the justice in having to listen to this? Play here

South West Council issues Planning Enforcement Notice for angle grinding and breach of planning condition; resulting in loss of amenity from noise and odour.

Since 2004 Councils in England and Wales have been under a duty under HHSRS to assess potential risks to the physical and mental health of occupants from exposure to noise inside a dwelling or within its curtilage. Lisa Russell of Noise Bulletin questions why so many Councils are still reluctant to take action.

Mentorn Media are conducting research for a TV series about neighbour problems and would like to hear from people experiencing noise issues.  To find out more please contact Anj on or Tel: 020 7258 6815. 

April 24 2013 is the 18th Annual International Noise Awareness Day- this chapter on noise and health in a newly published report raises awareness of the issue of noise as a psychological hazard to health. HHSRS and Noise: an effective toolkit for reducing Hazards to Mental Health and improving Wellbeing? In: Stewart, J. ed. Effective Strategies and Interventions- environmental health and the private housing sector. London: University of Greenwich and Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, pp. 48- 51.

On the 18th Annual International Noise Awareness Day read - Val Weedon MBE Noisedirect Noise Tzar’s story of the awareness campaign for the Right To Peace And Quiet 

LGO fines Derbyshire Dales Council for failing to investigate noise nuisance from business owned by former member of Council. LGO orders Council to apologise and pay residents £1,820 for the inconvenience caused from the additional summers’ noise

Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council criticised for handling of planning application leading to noise and loss of amenity The LGO awarded £1,500 compensation to each complainant ordered Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council to apologise and consider whether a number of councillors should take part in any future decision making on the scheme.

Noisedirect Client Successful in Overturning Decision in the High Court for a Costs Order in Section 82 Proceedings Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990

Noisedirect Client Successfully Settles a Damages Claim for Noise Nuisance, Noxious Odours, Dust Pollution and Vermin for hearing listed in the High Court of Justice Manchester  

Parish Council served with Planning Contravention Notice for beach park subject of noise nuisance complaints

Noisedirect response to Anti-Social Behaviour changes announced by Home Secretary. Read more

LGO orders Essex County Council to pay 18,000 compensation for loss of value to home from noise nuisance. Read more

Sir Bob Russell records appreciation of Noisedirect in early day motion on 17th International Noise Awareness Day and congratulates Noisedirect for Blue Mu Award Read more

Blue Mu 2012 winners announced Read more

Late contender for Blue Mu Award; Hambleton District Council for allowing residents to suffer noise from Bagby Airfield. Read more

Noise nuisance leads to £7,000 award by Local Government Ombudsman in finding against Dudley Council. Read more

Noise Bulletin reports on noise nuisance maladministration finding against Durham Council. Read more

During 2010/11, only 2% of noise complaints to Councils resulted in the service of an Abatement notice. Read more

CIEH Annual Noise Survey of Noise Enforcement by Councils 2010/11 results published

Noisedirect announces first Annual Blue Mu Award for those contributing little or nothing to prevent Noise Nuisance or improve the aural environment in the 21st Century, more

Noise Bulletin Reports Council Cuts - Salford Council to ignore nuisance complaints

2010 Noisedirect Survey of Council action on Hazards from Noise finds only 5% of Councils served notices for psychological hazards from noise. See full survey results

New laws on surveillance will hamper noise nuisance investigations

Council noise services facing cuts

Bob Russell MP records appreciation for Noisedirect and calls for a little quiet right arrow

Bob Russell MP endorses Noise Tzar's call for better solutions for everyday noise in Early Day Motion right arrow

Noise Tzar calls on UK residents to adopt 'Quiet Diet' for 16th Annual International Noise Awareness Day on 27 April 2011 right arrow

Noise Tzar responds to Healthy Lives, Healthy People Government’s White Paper Consultations right arrow

Court Order for laminate flooring right arrow

Val Weedon MBE Head Hunted as Noise Tzar right arrow

£50,000 damages for noisy laminate right arrow

Noisy Scrapyard closes; owner pays £20,000

Court Order for amplified music right arrow






Neighbour noise is considered a serious problem by 1 in 12 people..

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All advice provided relates solely to professional matters in accordance with the statutory defined role of Environmental Health Practitioners, for the assessment of conditions that can give rise to nuisance or impact adversely on public health. Any such advice should not be construed as legal representation or advocacy on behalf of any party.






Noisedirect is an independent and impartial service and advice line for noise related issues.

At Noisedirect, our experienced Environmental Health Practitioners will listen carefully to your noise problem and provide low cost, fixed fee practical advice. Whether you need advice on noise nuisance, protecting amenity, workplace noise, preventing noise problems from arising, or are the recipient of complaints of unreasonable noise; our unbiased advisers can help.

At Noisedirect we don't just provide advice, but can also carry out acoustic monitoring and undertake subjective nuisance assessments for private, public, statutory nuisance, Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) and for noise issues related to planning and licensing applications.

At Noisedirect we can use our modern and advanced monitoring equipment to help businesses control and mitigate the adverse effects of noise and defend claims against them of private or statutory nuisance.

At Noisedirect we use technologically advanced Environmental Analyzers; Symphonie and DUO Smart Noise Monitors for all our acoustic monitoring with sophisticated dBTrig and dBTrait software for acoustic analysis.

Noisedirect does not represent or promote the interests of any Government Department, Council, organisation or other agency. We are not a quango and are not publicly funded.

We are public health professionals, basing our advice and noise investigations on carefully considered professional opinions of noise issues, in accordance with the statutory defined role of Environmental Health Practitioners; for the assessment of conditions that can give rise to nuisance or impact adversely on public health.

At Noisedirect, our advisers can provide help and support to enable you to identify suitable solutions for your particular noise problem, by dispelling popular noise myths and explaining the statutory powers and processes for investigating noise nuisance, and hazards to health from noise. We can help you decide which acoustic monitoring and nuisance assessment method, will help you capture effective evidence of noise nuisance and amenity impacts.

At Noisedirect we have over a decade's experience in advising private individuals on how to take their own action to stop noise nuisance using the procedure under section 82 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Whether you are affected by noise pollution from barking dogs to electrical hums; Noisedirect can help to empower you to take direct positive action to solve your particular noise problem and help you attain Noise Justice.












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